Peter E. van Keken
Staff Scientist, Carnegie Institution of Washington


Peter van Keken has moved to the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC, as of January 1, 2016.
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MS, Utrecht University, 1989.
PhD cum Laude, Utrecht University, 1993.
    (Thesis: Numerical modeling of thermochemically driven fluid flow with non-Newtonian rheology)


Research Fellow, Army High Performance Computing Research Center, University of Minnesota (1993-1994)
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Michigan (1994-1996)
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan (1996-2002)
Associate Professor, University of Michigan (2002-2008)
Professor, University of Michigan (2008-2015)
Staff Scientist, Carnegie Institution of Washington (2016-)

Research interests

Thermal and chemical evolution of the Earth; causes and consequences of plate tectonics;
finite element modeling of mantle convection, subduction zone dynamics and mantle plumes;
integration of geodynamics with seismology, geochemistry and mineral physics;
parallel computing; scientific visualization.

Examples of research applications

Complex toroidal flow in the mantle of the Marianas subduction zone. The grey surface is the slab; velocity arrows and streamlines indicate the flow pattern. The speed of the flow in the wedge is indicated by the size of the arrows and the color (with the legend in cm/yr). The big black arrow indicates the direction of motion of the incoming Pacific plate. The prediction of complicated flow in this subduction zone may explain observations from seismic anisotropy and geochemical output of volcanoes along this arc (Bengtson and van Keken, 2012).

Mantle convection in the Earth introduces heterogeneity through the subduction of oceanic crust (black tracers) in slabs (blue regions). As this heterogeneity warms up it mixes back into the mantle but can also form dense piles near the core-mantle boundary (dark red regions). The inner circle is the core-mantle boundary; the outer circle is the surface of the Earth. Mantle mixing calculations such as these allow for quantitative tests of scenarios that have been put forward to describe the chemical and thermal evolution of the Earth's mantle since its formation. The figure is used in Plank and van Keken (2008) with modeling described in Brandenburg et al. (2008).

Graduate students

 Debra Y. Tjoa (MSc 1997)
 Allen K. McNamara (PhD 2002)
 Erik A. Kneller (PhD 2007)
 J.P. Brandenburg (PhD 2008) PhD Thesis
 Hannah Smith (MSc 2010)
 Andrea Bossmann (MSc 2012)
 Zhangyi Hu (MSc 2013)
 Ross Maguire (PhD 2012-)
 Sam Haugland (PhD 2014-)


  Shu-Chuan "Sky" Lin (2003-2005)
  Amy Bengtson (Turner postdoc, 2008-2010)
  Manabu Morishige (2012-2013)

Publications: journal articles


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    Supplementary information (tables)
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